How to apply

BIO has public funds to carry out its mission and its investment decisions are the result of a comprehensive and transparent process of analysis and evaluation.

Each project is handled with the utmost confidentiality. The duration of the investment process between first contact and the final decision varies on a case by case basis. You will find a detailed description of the investment process as well as all documents relating to applying for funding or grants in the "Library" section.

1. Financing
Any request for financing must be accompanied by a business plan that allows an initial evaluation of the project to be performed. This must include:

  • A description of the business concept
  • A presentation of products, clients, competitors, suppliers and the management team
  • An investment plan and preliminary financing plan
  • Profitability forecasts
  • Financial history for a minimum of three years for existing companies

You can download a check-list to help you draw up this plan below.

The required documents may be sent electronically to:

  • For financial sector investments: 
  • For direct investments: 
  • For infrastructure projects: 

2. Grants

BIO can co-finance feasibility studies or technical assistance projects through the form of grants.

 Any request for a feasibilty study must be accompanied by the application form available below. The duly completed form must be sent electronically to: MSMESupport[@]

  • Check-list business plan (640.50 KB) Download
  • Application form grants (646.81 KB) Download