Interact Climate Change Facility


ICCF aims to make climate friendly investments in the private sector in poor countries. It will demonstrate to private sector investors the financial attractiveness of climate-friendly projects in developing countries and will catalyze long-term investments. The initiative promotes the use of clean technology as an integral part of economic development. The facility contributes to sustainable economic development by providing long-term financing for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in poor countries suffering from significant energy shortage/access.

ICCF builds on the successful model of EUROPEAN FINANCING PARTNERS S.A. (EFP), an initiative created in 2003 by the EIB and EDFI members with the double aim of promoting sustainable development of the private sector in ACP States and strengthening co-operation between eligible European Development Finance Institutions and the EIB. It will fund private sector operations, proposed by any of the EDFI shareholders. ICCF will finance up to 75% of a project proposal with a maximum of EUR 45 million, while the remaining 25% will be financed by the proposing EDFI member.

BIO has invested directly into 2 projects of ICCF: Azito, an energy eficiency project in Côte d'Ivoire, and Reliance power Rajasthan Sun, a solar farm in India.

  • Investment amount (€):

    EUR 10 million

    Registered offices: Luxemburg

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