XAC leasing subsidy


Since the beginning of 2013, XAC leasing has developed a new business plan that supports the growth of the leasing industry in Mongolia by actively promoting the benefits of leasing to SMEs and retail clients, as well as providing flexible and affordable leasing products. The success of developing the leasing industry depends partly on efficient risk management and underwriting techniques. BIO therefore co-financed for USD 41,100 the cost of two consultants with the aim to develop a credit, risk, and asset based scoring model by asset type and economic industry exposure in order to utilize for credit decisions as well as evaluate potential economic risks arising from various market conditions. In practice, they develop a practical and effective scorecard model by factoring credit, risk and asset criteria for each major industry and asset type. This new scoring model will be the critical component for lease credit decisions. Ultimate objective is to efficiently originate leases along with ensuring high lease portfolio quality. 

The tool will be significant as a critical tool for lease credit decisions at lease committees; it will improve leasing officers’ efficiency, increase market share by building an effective underwriting process, improve overdue accounts, fine-tune the company’s credit risk policies and minimize unnecessary documentations and steps.

Xacleasing is a leasing company in Mongolia which signed a loan agreement with BIO in 2012 to build the SME loan portfolio.

  • Investment amount (€):

    USD 41,100

  • Contract signature :


  • Nature of intervention :

    Technical assistance subsidy

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