Société Générale d’Hôtellerie


BIO is investing 4 million euro to fund the renovation of the Salam hotel and the building of a new hotel, both in Bamako, Mali. SGH SA is the Malian subsidiary of the Azalaï group of hotels. The completely African group is present in different countries in West-Africa, mainly in capital cities. They target local and international business people, with competitive pricing in relation to international hotel chains.

The BIO investment of 4 million € is part of a syndicate of 16,4 million € together with the French Development Finance Institution, Proparco.

Stimulating tourism contributes substantially to creating employment and generating revenues in the country. The policies of the SGH hotels are strongly driven by high social and environmental standards. Hotel staff, both from the group and external hotels, is trained at the Azalaï Academy. Having well trained staff benefits the tourism sector as a whole and allows for getting access to better wages. SGH focuses on employing women, especially in management functions. Salaries are more than double of the minimum wage standards in Mali and all personnel gets access to health insurance as well as health education.

Wherever possible, SGH sources its products from local suppliers and farmers. The hotels have a waste management system in place that looks at reducing waste by recycling and treating waste water correctly.

  • Investment amount (€):

    EUR 4 million

  • Contract signature :


  • Nature of intervention :


  • Development impacts :

    • 1 — Employment creation
    • 2 — Increase gender equality at management level
    • 3 — Increase revenues for Mali
    • 4 — The Azalaï group of hotels continues to re-invest its benefits in African hotels

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