EDFI Investing for a greener future

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Mitigating climate change is an urgent global challenge and a top priority for the European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) members which invested €2,1 bln in climate finance projects in 2014, a total of €5,5 bln in the last five years. EDFIs are constantly working to adapt their instruments and services to provide a tailored response to our clients. EDFI strongly believe that the private sector plays an essential role to enable sustainable development for all. To ensure sustainable development we need to fight climate change and the private sector should be part of the battle.

The EDFI booklet “Investing for a Greener Future” aims to share examples of EDFI initiatives and investments in climate finance from new funds, wind and solar energy projects, to geothermal and biogas investments. By joining efforts, strengths and expertise of each EDFI member and creating synergies with other bilateral and multilateral organisations, EDFI will continue to deliver more coordinated, effective and efficient climate finance support to build the road towards a more sustainable world.

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